Ask A Farmer Series, Part 1: Hariyali Cooperative

We are very excited to announce a new series called: Ask A Farmer.  In each part of this series we will be focusing on a different tea farm and having a Q & A session with that farm.  The really neat part is that all of the questions that we ask will be questions that are submitted by YOU, the tea drinker!

If you have ever wanted to Ask a Tea Farmer a question but you were unable to travel to the farm itself to ask the farmer, then this is your chance to ask that question!

The Hariyali Cooperative is in Nepal and it is where our ever popular "Everest Sunrise" tea comes from.  So get those questions submitted, no matter how crazy or ridiculous of a question it is.

Question submissions will be accepted thru December 23rd, 2015.  You can use social media or a good old' fashioned e-mail which can be sent to: