Why Single Origin Teas?

Here at Conundrum Tea, all of the teas that we sell are single origin or more accurately, single estate teas.  We have been getting a lot of questions about why people should buy single origin teas.  What is the advantage of single origin tea?  Is it really that much different from your everyday tea that is found at the grocery store?  The short answers are: Yes, there is an advantage to single origin tea and yes, there is a huge difference between this tea and the tea found in your everyday corner grocery store.

When you drink a single estate tea, you are drinking the tea in its purest form as the farmer and tea master intended.  You know that the taste hasn’t been tainted with teas from other farms.  The processing of tea leaves can be a very complex process and each tea master has their own personalized processing techniques that are continually being evolved.  There are many different things that the tea master can do to bring out certain tastes in their teas.  When you do not mix teas from different farms together, the tea master and farm can be held accountable for the quality of the tea.  How the leaves are processed does play a huge roll in the quality of the tea, what’s equally as important though is how the tea trees are grown.

With single estate teas, you know exactly what farming techniques were used to grow the tea leaves.  Conundrum Tea only sells teas that were grown using all-natural cultivation methods, meaning that there were not any chemicals, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers or pesticides used in the making of any of the teas that we sell.  This is very important for tea because tea leaves are notoriously not washed before they are processed, so if the tea leaves are sprayed with chemicals then those chemicals are never given a chance to be washed off of the leaves.  When you steep your leaves those chemicals then become part of your cup of tea.  However, if the farmers aren’t using chemicals on their tea trees then this means that you don’t have to worry about chemicals being in your cup of tea and the workers on the farm don’t have to handle these dangerous chemicals.  This also means that our environment will be better off as a whole and sustainable farming practices are being encouraged.  As naturally grown teas become more popular and the demand for them becomes higher this will inevitably mean that more farmers will be encouraged to grow their teas in a sustainable manner as the demand for it will be higher.

We live in a world that is continually becoming more and more health conscious and people are starting to question where the products that they buy come from.  Which is certainly for the best, but a lot of times it can be extremely hard to always know exactly where all of the products that you buy come from and how they were grown.  Rest assured, Conundrum Tea has your back, well more accurately your health in mind (although we’re sure that you have a nice back).  Your choice to buy single origin teas not only benefits you, but the farmers who grow that tea benefit as well as the environment as a whole.  Next time you are buying tea we encourage you to ask what farm the tea came from and what cultivation methods were used.  This is information that Conundrum Tea openly shares with anyone who wants it, we love sharing information about the farms as well as the farmers with anyone who will listen.  We find that the vast majority of other tea shops either don’t know where the tea came from and how it was grown or they refuse to share this information.  At Conundrum Tea we are committed towards transparency and good will towards tea drinkers everywhere!

Here's a sneak peak of a brand new tea that we will adding to our shop in the next day or two, any guesses as to what it is?  Your hint is that it is from the Nannuo Mountain area in China (we may have said too much):

Posted on November 8, 2015 and filed under Single Origin.